The AnalinaRossi collection are subtle statement pieces that are antique inspired along with simple classic designs inspired by the Southern California lifestyle. Each piece may be worn solo or as layered pieces adorned day to evening. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, this collection is conceptualized and created in sunny Hermosa Beach – from the beach to downtown city life. Our Creator, Grace Jung-Rossi has traveled over the years seeking cultural inspiration, international trends and design ideas to personalize the collection. The collection’s aesthetic is refined, feminine and clean, as it reflects Grace’s personal style and taste. AnalinaRossi is named after Grace's identical twin daughters Liliana & Michelina Rossi.  

Each piece in the collection is cut and faceted by hand in India.  The art of design intention is to bring meaningful interpretations to the spirit of life.  The AnalinaRossi collection is forged from 18k and 14k gold, rose gold and white gold, polished sterling silver as well as in 18k gold vermeils and 18k gold fills. The collection is combined with a color pallet array of precious and semi-precious stones. The assortment of jewelry favors minimalist designs with delicate accents while some pieces have a feminine avant-garde approach. 

Creativity has always been an integral part of Grace's DNA. She comes from an artistic and notable design family.  Her aunt is former celebrated Fashion Designer Cathy Hardwick, well known for creating simplistic, modern clothing throughout the 80's and 90's with other respected family members in the film, fashion and art industries. Creativity has been the influential force that has guided Grace's entrepreneurial spirit and discerning eye in creating AnalinaRossi. She has dedicated 20 years in the fashion world.  Experienced as a merchandiser in the iconic corporate buying offices at I. Magnin & Co. in San Francisco, Ca to working with well-known fashion brands in both Los Angeles and New York as well as collaborating with both domestic and international manufacturers and retailers worldwide. 

“I stand for life’s precious gifts, to live fully and purposefully in each moment. Strive to be genuine and enjoy the opportunity to do a little good each day!” 

Please relish in the happiness our line brings to those who appreciate inspiration from simple designs and giving something a little bit each day in our world.